Nestled in the heart of St. James, NY, Flowerfield Celebrations is a premier wedding destination that offers a unique and elegant experience for couples searching for the perfect venue to say "I do." The property sits on over 50 acres of pristine land and features a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces that can accommodate weddings of all sizes. One thing that sets this location apart from others is the stunning garden space, which boasts meticulously maintained floral arrangements, water features, and photo opportunities galore. 

Personal Experience as a Wedding Photographer at the Venue

As a wedding photographer with years of experience in the industry, I have had the pleasure of capturing countless couples' special days at Flowerfield Celebrations. From intimate ceremonies to grand receptions, this venue truly has it all. 

Whether I am snapping photos in front of the picturesque water features or taking advantage of the natural lighting in the bridal suite for those getting ready shots, I always leave feeling inspired by this unique and breathtaking location. With so many options for both indoor and outdoor spaces, it's easy to see why couples continue to choose this venue as their dream wedding destination year after year. 

Directions to Flowerfield Celebrations

Nestled in the heart of St. James, NY, Flowerfield Celebrations is an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of New York City. Located on 16 acres of lush greenery and blooming gardens, this venue offers a serene setting that feels miles away from the city, yet is still conveniently accessible to guests. The estate boasts breathtaking views of Long Island Sound and overlooks a scenic pond that adds an extra touch of tranquility to any event. 

Indoor and Outdoor Spaces: Versatile Options for Any Occasion

Flowerfield Celebrations offers both indoor and outdoor spaces for weddings, corporate events, social gatherings, and more. The outdoor garden space is perfect for summertime ceremonies or cocktail hours with its beautiful landscaping and water features. The indoor ceremony room provides an elegant setting for smaller ceremonies or intimate gatherings.


Capacity and Accommodations: Space for Every Guest

Flowerfield Celebrations has ample space to accommodate events of all sizes while still maintaining a sense of intimacy. In total,the venue can host up to 350 guests at once without feeling crowded or overwhelming.For couples looking for privacy on their big day,this venue also has smaller spaces available that can only accommodate up to 50 guests.Alongside these various capacities , there are bridal suites available which have plenty of natural light pouring in - perfect lighting conditions to capture amazing photos . Additionally,it provides accommodations such as dressing rooms, on-site catering services and a pool to cool off after all the hustle and bustle of the wedding is over. 

Ceremony Spaces

Outdoor Garden Ceremony Space: A Natural and Serene Atmosphere

At Flowerfield Celebrations, the outdoor garden ceremony space provides a breathtaking backdrop for couples to exchange their vows. The garden is meticulously maintained with vibrant floral arrangements and beautifully landscaped grounds with water features, bridges, gazebos, and more. 

The lush greenery and the serene setting offer a natural ambiance that makes every moment unforgettable. One of the significant advantages of this space is the abundance of natural light that streams in throughout the day, providing ample opportunities for taking stunning wedding photos. 

Indoor Ceremony Space: Timeless Elegance

Suppose you're planning a smaller or more intimate wedding ceremony than what the outdoor garden area can accommodate. In that case, Flowerfield Celebrations' indoor ceremony space is an excellent choice to consider. 

It's perfect for ceremonies held during colder months as well as evening ceremonies when outdoor lighting may become problematic. 

Whether it's an indoor room or an outdoor garden area, Flowerfield Celebrations has spaces designed to suit every couple's needs perfectly. They offer flexibility in terms of style and capacity so you can create your dream wedding at this fantastic venue! 

Reception Spaces

One of the most significant parts of any wedding celebration is the reception, and Flowerfield Celebrations in St. James, NY, offers two distinct reception spaces that can accommodate any couple's vision for their big day. From a grand ballroom to a rustic barn, this venue has it all. 

Grand Ballroom Reception Space - A Fairytale Wedding Dream

If you're looking for a grand and elegant space to host your wedding reception, look no further than the Flowerfield Celebrations' grand ballroom. This stunning room features high ceilings adorned with beautiful chandeliers and drapery that creates an upscale and luxurious ambiance. The spacious dance floor provides ample room for guests to dance the night away, while comfortable seating arrangements ensure everyone has a great view of all the action. 

The ballroom's neutral color palette allows couples to customize their decor according to their taste. Whether you prefer classic white flowers or bold pops of color in your centerpieces and table settings- this space will allow endless possibilities when it comes to personalizing your wedding reception. 


If you're more inclined towards rustic charm or just want something more intimate for your wedding reception, consider Flowerfield Celebration's Atrium. With exposed beams and wooden accents throughout its walls and ceiling, this unique space exudes vintage charm with modern amenities that will make your special day unforgettable. 

The Atrium is perfect for couples who dream of having an intimate gathering with close friends and family members. It provides ample room for cozy seating arrangements allowing everyone to feel included as part of one big family on your special day. 

Whether you opt for the grandeur of the ballroom or the rustic charm of an Atrium atmosphere- Flowerfield Celebrations offers a unique wedding reception experience to match your taste and budget. Their team is dedicated to making sure every aspect of your day is unforgettable, from the decor to the catering services and even photography opportunities. 

Photography Opportunities

Outdoor Garden Areas

Flowerfield Celebrations boasts a variety of outdoor garden areas that provide a picturesque backdrop for wedding photos. From the romantic and serene freshwater pond with its enchanting gazebo to the charming stone bridge over the babbling brook, these areas allow for stunning natural shots that capture the essence of your special day. 

In addition, there are several magnificent gardens with beautiful and vibrant flowers in bloom throughout the year. These gardens provide an unbelievable variety of colors and backdrops to elevate your wedding images to new heights. 

Bridal Suite

The Bridal Suite at Flowerfield Celebrations is an absolute dream for professional photographers. The stunning suite provides ample space for wedding parties to prepare for their big day while offering ample natural light, perfect for capturing those coveted getting-ready photos. The suite is elegantly decorated with comfortable seating, large mirrors, hangers, full-length mirrors and has plenty of space where bridesmaids can help get the bride ready while still allowing room for photography equipment. 



As an experienced wedding photographer who has worked at many venues throughout New York, I can confidently say that Flowerfield Celebrations in St. James stands out from the rest. From its stunning grounds to its versatile event spaces, this venue offers everything that couples could want for their special day. 

One of my favorite things about photographing weddings at Flowerfield Celebrations is the range of photo opportunities available around every corner. Whether in one of its many garden areas or inside the beautiful chapel, there's no shortage of stunning backdrops for pictures. 

Overall, I highly recommend Flowerfield Celebrations as a wedding venue for any couple looking for a beautiful and memorable setting for their big day. With top-notch services provided by an experienced staff and picturesque surroundings that will leave guests in awe, it truly has everything you need to make your wedding dreams come true. 

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