The enchanting Oheka Castle is situated in Huntington, New York. This breathtaking venue, steeped in history and surrounded by lush gardens, provides a fairy tale backdrop for your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.  Let the romantic ambiance of Oheka Castle inspire you as you browse through these stunning images, and imagine the magical moments we can help you capture on your special day!

Oheka Castle Huntington: bride blows kiss, groom behind with hands in pockets, luxury wedding photography
Newlyweds standing under venue arches, smiling at each other, luxury wedding photography
Oheka Castle Huntington: couple kissing by grand water fountains, luxury wedding photography
embracing couple under majestic entry arch, luxury wedding photography Oheka Castle Huntington
Oheka Castle Huntington: couple hand in hand, walking away from castle, luxury wedding photography Imagine Studios
engaged couple kissing on stairs, reflected in grand mirror, luxury wedding photography. Oheka Castle
bride basking in sunlight, upper gardens of venue, luxury wedding photography
Oheka Castle Huntington: couple kissing in upper floor courtyard, luxury wedding photography
romantic engagement session moment with lush venue greenery behind, luxury Oheka Castle
Oheka Castle: couple on wide stairs, bride glancing aside, groom kissing cheek, luxury wedding photography
Oheka Castle: couple kissing in garden corridors, backs to camera, grand castle behind, luxury wedding photo
Tender moment during the engagement session at Oheka Castle
Oheka Castle: groom on tall tree, bride behind with sun, greenery in engagement session, luxury wedding photo
engaged couple by library window, he holds her waist, foreheads touching, luxury wedding photo. Oheka Castle engagement
Engaged couple embracing, groom dipping bride in garden path, luxury wedding photography

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