Imagine Studios had the honor of capturing the beautiful union of Nicole and Chris on April 15th, 2023. As the best Long Island wedding photographers, we are often privy to incredible moments and settings. However, the Flowerfield celebrations for this particular couple were nothing short of magical.

Nicole looked radiant as she prepared for her special day. A particularly touching moment was when she had her first look with her father. The joy and emotions of the day were palpable. Meanwhile, Chris, looking dapper, eagerly awaited the moment he would see Nicole as his bride.

Couple kissing after their first look moment at Flowerfield.

The venue choice, Flowerfield, complemented the couple's love story perfectly. Nicole and Chris decided on the charming cottage at Flowerfield and its gazebo for their portrait locations. They also took advantage of the stunning outdoors of Flowerfield, giving us countless opportunities to capture their love against vibrant and scenic backdrops.

Couple gazing at each other in Flowerfield garden with a cherry blossom tree behind.
Couple walking hand in hand at Flowerfield.

Amidst the greenery and romantic settings, Nicole's wish to have a picture with her veil flying up was beautifully captured. The evening photos were beautifully captured with the venue and the fireplace as a backdrop, adding a romantic ambiance to their memories.

The close-knit bond of their families was evident throughout the day. From Nicole's touching relationship with her mother, Maria, and father, John, to Chris's connection with his family members, it was clear that love ran deep in their roots. A fun and unique touch to the ceremony was Nicole's brother, Johnny , embracing the role of the flower boy with enthusiasm.

The couple made sure to get as many pictures as possible with their immediate family before the ceremony. The post-ceremony moments were reserved for photos with their cousins, a testament to the importance of family ties in their lives. Additionally, Nicole's group known as "something blues" shared candid moments, reflecting their close bond.

Their reception, which began at 9 PM, was a lively affair. Guests danced the night away to the beats of Tommy Tunes, while Eco Event captured the essence of the celebration on video. The floral arrangements by Flowers by Burton added a touch of elegance to the venue.

Wedding table decor

We wrapped up the event with the couple's special request – a serene photo by the fireplace in the dark. This whimsical shot perfectly encapsulated their love story – two souls intertwined under the vast, starry sky.

From all of us at Imagine Studios, Long Island's best wedding photographers, we wish Nicole and Chris a lifetime of happiness and love. Congratulations!