April 29, 2023 | Long Island Wedding Photographer: Imagine Studios | Location: St. Rose of Lima Church, followed by Flowerfield Celebrations, Long Island, NY

On a serene April afternoon in Long Island, the love story of Elizabeth and John took a beautiful turn as they celebrated their union. Long Island weddings have always held a charm of their own, and this one was no exception. Held at the iconic St. Rose of Lima Church and later at Flowerfield Celebrations, it was a day of heartfelt moments, vibrant celebrations, and memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

As noon approached, the main photographer reported to Garfield Street in Massapequa Park, greeted by the anticipation and excitement that usually precedes such momentous occasions. Long Island wedding photographers know how crucial these early hours are in capturing the initial preparations, candid moments, and raw emotions.

Bride posing by a window, dress and veil on full display.

At 2 pm, guests started to pour into the St. Rose of Lima Church, with its walls resonating with sacred hymns and hopeful wishes. Elizabeth, looking radiant and ethereal, walked down the aisle, ready to start a new chapter with John.

Couple walking out of the church, hand in hand.
Joyful couple posing outside the church amidst a bed of tulips.

Elizabeth was lovingly supported by her parents, Jean and John Geiger. Among the attendees were her brothers, Joseph and Christopher, with Joseph's family being a special part of the celebration. The groom, John, was equally supported by his parents, Helen and John Venticinque, and his sister, Emma. The presence of both families' grandparents added a touch of warmth and blessings to the occasion.

Couple kissing at the back of the trolley provided by Mark of Elegance Limos

With the scenic Flowerfield as the background, the couple and their entourage captured moments of joy, laughter, and love. The cocktail hour at 7 pm set the tone for an evening of celebration, leading to the reception that began at 8 pm and went on until midnight. Every second was a testament to their love and the joy of the families coming together.

Bride posing on the red sofa at the venue, Flowerfield Celebrations
Reflection in a mirror of the couple sharing a tender moment before their reception.

The reception at Flowerfield Celebrations, a renowned venue for weddings in Long Island, was nothing short of magical. As they danced, toasted, and celebrated, the room echoed with the melodies of LI Sound, setting the perfect atmosphere.

Shoutout to The Team

A big thank you to the wonderful team that made Elizabeth and John's day extra special:

Couple kissing on the venue's sofa. Flowerfield Celebrations

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