The Inn at New Hyde Park

The Inn at New Hyde Park is a well-known and highly sought-after wedding venue located in Long Island, New York. The venue boasts several elegant ballrooms, outdoor ceremony spaces, and beautiful gardens that provide couples with numerous options to create their dream wedding. As a wedding photographer who has photographed many weddings at The Inn at New Hyde Park, I can attest to the fact that this venue is truly exceptional. 

Exploring The Venue

As a photographer who has seen countless wedding venues, I have come to appreciate the unique features and benefits that each one offers. In the case of The Inn at New Hyde Park, there are several aspects that stand out from other venues in the area. 

One of these is the grand entrance and driveway leading up to the venue; it provides an impressive backdrop for couples' first-look photos or bridal party shots. The outdoor spaces are also an excellent feature for couples looking for a garden wedding experience. 

From intimate settings such as the gazebo area to grand spaces like the courtyard garden, there are plenty of options available for different sizes and styles of weddings. In addition to these features, The Inn at New Hyde Park also has multiple ballrooms with different capacities and styles. 

Each room can be customized according to each couple's preferences, making it possible for every couple to create their ideal wedding experience. Overall, my perspective as a photographer allows me to offer insight into some of the unique features and benefits that only someone who has worked extensively within this space would know about. 


From the moment a couple and their guests arrive at The Inn at New Hyde Park, they are greeted with a grand entrance and stunning driveway that sets the tone for an elegant wedding day. The entrance features two tall white pillars on either side, lending an air of sophistication to the venue. 

The gardens are immaculately landscaped, featuring lush greenery and colorful flowers that bloom throughout the year. Couples have several options when it comes to outdoor ceremony spaces, including a stunning garden gazebo surrounded by trees and flowers or a charming brick courtyard with a large fountain as its centerpiece. 

In addition to its grand entrance and beautiful gardens, The Inn at New Hyde Park also boasts several unique architectural details that make for great photo backdrops. From elegant white columns framing doorways to intricate wrought-iron gates leading into outdoor spaces, there are plenty of opportunities for couples to capture stunning photos against breathtaking backdrops.


The exterior features of The Inn at New Hyde Park truly set this wedding venue apart from others in the area. From its grand entrance and lush gardens to unique architectural details that provide endless photo opportunities, it's no wonder why so many couples choose this venue for their special day. 

Interior Spaces

Ballrooms and Reception Areas

The Inn at New Hyde Park offers multiple ballrooms and reception areas, each with its unique style and capacity. The Grand Ballroom, the venue's largest ballroom, can accommodate up to 450 guests for a seated dinner. It features stunning crystal chandeliers on soaring ceilings, adding elegance to any wedding reception. 

The Terrace Room is a smaller space that can hold up to 150 guests and is perfect for more intimate weddings or cocktail receptions. The Garden Room is an airy space featuring large windows that overlook the venue's lush gardens. 

Standout Features

Each ballroom and reception area boasts unique standout features that make them special. For instance, the Grand Ballroom has ornate gold detailing on its walls and ceiling, while the Terrace Room boasts beautiful French doors leading out to a lovely terrace. The Garden Room has a charming pergola-lined entrance perfect for capturing gorgeous photos of couples walking hand-in-hand. 

Photo Opportunities

Ideal Locations for Photos

There are plenty of great photo opportunities both indoors and outdoors at The Inn at New Hyde Park. For outdoor shots, the gardens are a fantastic option. 

There is also a beautiful fountain and a stunning white gazebo that make for great backdrops in photos. Indoors, the ballrooms offer plenty of space for creative shots, with chandeliers and large windows providing ample natural light. 

Options for First Look Photos

The Inn at New Hyde Park offers couples various options for their first-look photos. They can choose to have an intimate moment in the gardens or by the fountain, or they can opt to have this special moment captured inside one of the elegant ballrooms. The grand staircase also provides a dramatic entrance for the bride to walk down and create a memorable shot. 

The Inn at New Hyde Park is an exceptional wedding venue that offers couples many features and benefits suitable for creating stunning wedding photographs. From charming outdoor spaces to elegant indoor ballrooms, it has everything you need to create magical memories 

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