Discover the hidden gems of The Piermont Waterfront in Babylon, NY

The Piermont Waterfront is a stunning wedding venue located in Babylon, NY. It is situated on Long Island's Great South Bay, providing a picturesque backdrop for any wedding ceremony.

The venue's surroundings are filled with lush greenery and colorful flowers, adding to the location's natural beauty. The waterfront allows for stunning water views that make for beautiful photo opportunities.

An elegant venue combining modern amenities and classic charm. Its prime location on the water's edge provides breathtaking views of the bay and creates a serene ambiance that makes it an ideal place to exchange vows. The facility features a grand ballroom with high ceilings and chandeliers, perfect for hosting large receptions and smaller gatherings.

Importance of the Location for your Long Island Wedding Photography

The Piermont Waterfront offers numerous opportunities for capturing beautiful photographs that will last a lifetime. Its scenic waterfront location featuring lush gardens teeming with greenery provides an idyllic backdrop against which to frame romantic moments between the couple.

The picturesque pier and waterfront area also provide unique photographic opportunities. Aside from outdoor locations, several indoor spaces, like their luxurious lounge area, provide stunning photo backdrops.

Purpose of the Article

This article aims to provide future brides and grooms with valuable insights into what sets The Piermont Waterfront apart from other wedding venues in Babylon, NY. From our experience photographing past weddings here, we have noted what makes this venue such an exceptional place to tie the knot. We hope you find this article helpful if you choose The Piermont Waterfront as your ultimate wedding destination.

Location and Surroundings

The Piermont Waterfront is situated on Long Island's Great South Bay and boasts beautiful waterfront views. This location provides breathtaking sunset and sunrise views, which make it perfect for outdoor wedding ceremonies. In addition to its proximity to the water, the location features gardens with vibrant flowers and greenery that offer many photo opportunities.

Architecture and Design Elements

The Piermont Waterfront features elegant architecture that complements its natural surroundings beautifully. The grand ballroom has high ceilings with intricate chandeliers that provide a romantic ambiance perfect for wedding receptions.

There is also a cozy lounge area with a fireplace where guests can relax during cocktail hour or take intimate photos. The venue has gorgeous design elements, such as ornate details on walls and ceilings.

Amenities Available for Wedding Photography

The Piermont Waterfront features many amenities to capture beautiful wedding photos that will last forever. Along with breathtaking water views from the waterfront area or pier, gardens featuring blooming flowers make an excellent backdrop for outdoor photoshoots. Many areas are available, such as the grand ballroom with chandeliers or private bridal suite, making it easy to capture those perfect shots.

Best Locations for Outdoor Wedding Shoots

The Pier and Waterfront Area

The Piermont Waterfront has a stunning view of the Great South Bay and a pier extending into the water. This location is perfect for capturing romantic photos with the water and sunset in the background.

The pier is an excellent spot to take portraits, providing a unique perspective of the bay. The area surrounding the pier also offers various backgrounds for photos, including lush greenery and rocky terrain.

Gardens and Greenery Areas

The gardens at The Piermont Waterfront offer picturesque backdrops with flowers, trees, and other foliage options. These beautifully manicured garden areas provide a charming ambiance suitable for wedding photography. These gardens also have several hidden corners, perfect for capturing intimate moments between couples.

Indoor Spaces for Wedding Photography

Grand Ballroom with Chandeliers and High Ceilings

The grand ballroom at The Piermont Waterfront is one of its most impressive features. This room's beauty comes from its high ceilings adorned with elegant chandeliers that can add dramatic lighting to your images. Its large windows provide ample natural light during daytime weddings, creating cozy vibes during evening events.

Cozy Lounge Area with a Fireplace

If you're looking for an indoor space that exudes warmth and coziness, then The Piermont Waterfront's lounge area is the place to be. The lounge features an elegant fireplace that creates a warm and inviting environment, perfect for taking photos of couples sharing intimate moments.

Private Bridal Suite

The private bridal suite is a perfect space for the bride to get ready before her big day. This room provides plenty of natural light, creating a bright, airy atmosphere while making getting-ready photos look beautiful.

It's also an excellent location for bridal portraits, with its large mirrors and comfortable seating. Overall, The Piermont Waterfront in Babylon, NY offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor locations for wedding photography, providing something special for every couple’s taste and preferences.

The Beautiful Staircase Leading to the Grand Ballroom

As mentioned earlier, The Piermont Waterfront's grand ballroom is a sight. One aspect that must be considered is the beautiful staircase leading up to it. With its ornate iron railings and regal design, this staircase provides an excellent opportunity for grand entrance shots or dramatic couple portraits.

Pieces in the Lounge Area

The lounge area at The Piermont Waterfront has several unique furniture pieces that can add style and elegance to any wedding shoot. From plush sofas with rich velvet upholstery to ottomans with intricate designs, these pieces can elevate your photoshoot and create a luxurious atmosphere.

One exceptional example is the ornate gold mirror atop a fireplace in the lounge area. It adds visual interest and provides a unique framing effect for bridal portraits.

The Piermont has several rarely known aspects, making it an ideal location for wedding photography. From hidden gems to ornate details, every nook and cranny of this venue provides unique opportunities to capture stunning and memorable moments.

As a wedding photographer who has had the opportunity to shoot at this location multiple times, I can attest to the beauty and versatility of The Piermont Waterfront. There are endless possibilities for capturing beautiful images that truly capture the essence of a couple's special day.


We highly recommend this location to any couple looking to capture their most special moments in a truly unforgettable setting.

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